The Harry Potter series has inspired a wide range of fan art:

 Since the release of the first Harry Potter book in 1997, the series has become one of the most popular and well-loved franchises in the world. And with the release of the eighth and final book in 2007, Harry Potter fan art has become more popular than ever.

There are now countless pieces of Harry Potter fan art, ranging from illustrations and paintings to digital art and even anime. While some fan art is simply inspired by books or movies, others are more creative, re-imagining the characters and stories in new and unique ways. 



No matter what your opinion is of fan art, there can be no denying that it is a hugely popular phenomenon. And with the recent release of the first Harry Potter Anime.

The Harry Potter series has inspired a wide range of fan art, from paintings and illustrations to digital art and sculpture. While some artists create their own interpretations of the characters and stories, others recreate scenes from the books and movies. 

The popularity of Harry Potter fan art has grown in recent years, thanks in part to the release of the Fantastic Beasts movies and the new stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As the fan base continues to expand, so do the variety and quality of the fan art. 

Whether you’re a Potterhead yourself or just appreciate good art, check out this collection of amazing Harry Potter fan art!

Like many Harry Potter fans, I was deeply saddened by the recent death of actor Alan Rickman. Rickman brought the character of Severus Snape to life in the Harry Potter films, and his performance was one of the highlights of the series. 

In the days following Rickman’s death, I saw many tributes to his work from fellow Potter fans. One of the most moving tributes I saw was a series of fan art pieces that reimagined Snape’s story in a more tragic light. 

The artists who created these pieces took a character who is often seen as cold and unlikable and showed us the hidden depths of his soul. In doing so, they reminded us that even the most villainous characters are human.



Over the years, the Harry Potter franchise has inspired some truly incredible fan art. Whether it’s stunning illustrations of Hogwarts or heartwarming scenes of the Golden Trio, there’s no shortage of creative and impressive Potter-related art out there. 

However, not all fan art is created equal. Some artists take a more… um, “unique” approach to their work, resulting in pieces that are equal parts bizarre and hilarious. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the weirdest and most WTF-worthy Harry Potter fan art out there. From anatomy lessons gone wrong to, well, sexualized depictions of Hogwarts students, this is fan art like you.

For Harry Potter fans, the artwork created by other fans is one of the most exciting and interesting parts of the fandom. This art can take many different forms, from traditional paintings and drawings to digital art, sculpture, and even Harry Potter-themed jewelry. 

No matter what the form, Harry Potter fan art is created out of a love for the stories and characters. It is a way for fans to show their creativity and to connect with other fans who share their passion. 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you should definitely check out some of the amazing fan art that is out there.


What is harry potter fanart?

harrypotter fanart
Harry Potter fanart is a form of artwork based on the Harry Potter series, typically created by fans of the series. It can take many forms, including paintings, drawings, digital art, and sculptures.

Some fanart is simply intended to be aesthetically pleasing, while others may tell a story or convey a particular message. For example, some fanart may depict characters in new and creative ways, or explore themes and concepts that are not explored in the canon Harry Potter stories.

Fanart can be found all over the internet, on websites and social media platforms dedicated to fanworks, as well as on individual artists’ websites and portfolios.

Different types of harry potter fanart

There is an incredible amount of Harry Potter fanart out there. So much so, that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to look at, let alone create! Here are some different types of Harry Potter fanart to help you get started:

1. Shipping fanart – this type of fanart depicts relationships between characters, often in a romantic way.

2. Character design fanart – this type of fanart gives the characters new looks, or redesigns them entirely.

3. Crossover fanart – this type of fanart combines the Harry Potter universe with another fandom, often to hilarious or interesting results!

4. Scene re-creation fanart – this type of fanart recreates iconic scenes from the books or movies in a new and creative way.

5. AU (alternate universe) fanart – this type of fanart reimagines the Harry Potter story in a completely different setting or time period.

6. OC (original character) fanart – this type of fanart introduces new characters into the Harry Potter universe, often created by the artist themselves.


The history of harry potter fanart

The history of Harry Potter fanart is long and varied. It dates back to the early days of the fandom when fans would draw their own illustrations of scenes from the books. This tradition has continued throughout the years, with artists of all skill levels creating Harry Potter fan art.

Some of the most iconic Harry Potter fanart pieces are those that depict pivotal moments in the series, such as the death of Dumbledore or the Battle of Hogwarts. Other popular themes include shipping (pairing up characters romantically), alternate universes, and humorous takes on scenes from the books.

With the release of each new book or movie, Harry Potter fanart saw a resurgence in popularity. New pieces were created to reflect everyone’s favourite scenes and characters, and old favourites were revisited with fresh perspectives.

The history of Harry Potter fanart is one that is rich and ever-evolving. As long as there are fans of the series, there will be new and interesting pieces of fan art to enjoy.

How to create your own harry potter fanart

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, chances are you’ve seen some amazing fan art online. But have you ever wanted to create your own? If so, here’s a guide on how to do just that!

First, decide what kind of fan art you want to create. Do you want to draw a scene from one of the books or movies? Or maybe create a piece that imagines what the characters might look like in real life? Once you have an idea in mind, it’s time to get started!

If you’re going to be drawing fan art, you’ll need some supplies. For starters, you’ll need a pencil and paper (or if you prefer a digital drawing tablet). You might also want to consider using coloured pencils or markers to add some extra detail and colour to your work.

Once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to start creating! If you’re not sure where to begin, try starting with a basic sketch of your idea. Once you have the general outline down, start adding in the details. Remember to have fun with it – after all, this is your chance to let your creativity shine!

When you’re happy with your final product, it’s time to share it with the world! Post your artwork online or enter it into contests and competitions – who knows, maybe one day your work will be featured in an official Harry Potter publication!

Modern-day examples of harry potter fanart

There’s no shortage of Harry Potter fan art out there these days. You can find it pretty much anywhere you look, from DeviantArt to Tumblr to Instagram. And it comes in all forms, from traditional paintings and drawings to digital art, sculptures, and even tattoos.

Some artists create their own original characters inspired by the Harry Potter universe, while others put their own spin on existing characters. And then there are those who simply recreate scenes from the books or movies in their own style. No matter what form it takes, though, there’s no denying that Harry Potter fanart is both incredibly popular and incredibly impressive.

So if you’re looking for some modern-day examples of Harry Potter fanart, here are just a few of the many talented artists out there creating some truly magical pieces.


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